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August 26, 2018

May 17, 2018

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The Little Tomato That Could

One morning while watching my indoor garden, I noticed the tomatoes were blooming, yet others were not; how could this be, they are right next to each other, receiving the same light, nutrient, and water?


Such as life, we can watch others bloom and wonder why it is not happening for us, when will it happen, what is wrong? And often, jealousy, frustration, depressions, and other negative emotions can come into play, becoming a distraction and delaying our growth.


But, the tomato, "slow" to bloom, still pressing forward and remains on schedule, blooming on time and in its very own season; it did not fall off because the other flower bloomed into a beautiful tomato; it continues to bloom, and will produce its fruit, and fulfill its purpose.


Just like the tomato, we too must

 stay the course, focused on our blooming and fulfilling our purpose; taking in the nutrients, water and light from God the Father; who planted us for purpose, to bloom and nourish the World with our fruit.


~In Truth and Love

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