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August 26, 2018

May 17, 2018

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Imagine If

May 9, 2016


Spring was just around the corner and the bookstore had flowers for sale! Even though snow was still on the ground, I could not resist making the purchase, the picture on the front of the planter gave me hope, faith, and gentle reminder that Spring was right around the corner; and this cold, hard snow was soon to pass.

I came home and planted them the next day (I waited for my little helper). We packed the dirt into the container, added the seeds, sprinkled a little water, and placed in the window for light. After a few days, I noticed the dirt had dried, so I added more sprinkles of water and turned the container towards more light, and sometimes moved it to a warmer location (so the cold would not destroy the seeds). Checking for a few days, I decided to add liquid flower nutrition and in just 2 days later - SPROUTS!

Imagine, if I had waited several weeks or a month to start, imagine if I forgot to water them every day, imagine if I did not take the care to move them to a warmer location or rotate them in the light, imagine if I did not put a splash of nutrients; all I would have is a windowsill with two bags of dry dirt, with a pretty picture on the front of the bag of the POSSIBILITIES. But without my effort and work, all I would ever have are visuals but never a tangible and beautiful flower that will bring me the results I was looking for from the day I made the decision to buy them.

Such as our dreams, goals, ideas, without the work, effort, constant nurturing, and even adjustments, what "Sprouts"? We will only have visuals never producing the beautiful image or its purpose.

Starting today, water, nurture, relocate (if need be), and most important stay in the light, and GROW!

~In Truth and Love



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