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Kelli Bos Sewing for Success teaches children the art and skill of sewing; along with sales, marketing, finance and philanthropy. All while increasing self-esteem, creativity, hand-eye coordination, manual dexterity, perseverance, critical thinking and problem solving.


Sewing for Success®

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Kelli Bos 

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The Creative Artist in Me

After completing the series of classes, our students will plan, set-up and market their one day pop-up shop and sell their items, applying the educational concepts learned throughout the course. Donating 10% of their collective earnings to their favorite non-profit/charity, usually their school or Community center, creating future Philanthropist.


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Did you know your gifts and talents can be and avenue for sustaining yourself and your family? Kelli Bos Sewing for Success teaches our young Sewist the concept though our sewing series.

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Through Kelli Bos Sewing for Success, we learn what entrepreneurship is all about. we learn sales, marketing, customer service, inventory, and financial education.

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Philanthropy is a huge part of Kelli Bos Sewing for Success; our Sewist learn the importance and benefit of giving back from their earnings; donating 10% toward their own school, community center or the organization of their choice.

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Laylah upcycled her clothes
to make a unique heirloom pillow.

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Mother, Philanthropist, Designer, Seamstress, Instructor

Kelli's professional career began as a Paralegal / Law Clerk for a Judge in Michigan; she has dedicated over 25 years to social and human service for children and families. Currently, she is the founder of
Kelli Bos Sewing for Success

Kelli is also a grandmother, and the "Human" to three German Shepherds. 

When not sewing and teaching, Kelli holds a platform of "Hood Martha" where she teaches anything that makes her feel good in that moment from cooking, baking, Maker projects, photography and much more. Welcoming others who just want to have fun, learn something new or decompress through creating & making.

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"Encouragement makes a huge difference in the lives of children, so we overflow them in it!"     
                                                         ~Kelli Bos


Mr. Tavares assisting 2nd Grader at
Nathan Hale Elementary School in Roxbury.

Ms. Danielle teaching how to cut fleece for our winter hat project at the South End Branch of the Boston Public Library.

 Fleece Scarf

Cut along with Kelli Bos during this fun
no sew project; scarves make great stocking stuffers, gift grabs, or just
style yourself each day with a new scarf.

Supplies Needed:

Fleece & Shears

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